This site is precious. It’s a unique landscape in the Mansfield area of Nottinghamshire

The priorities of the people behind the site are to ensure that there are plans in place to protect the wildlife, nurture the open areas and care for the trees.

With an area of such beauty, the plans for the management of the woodland and parklands are correct. The wildlife that calls this area home will still be able to call it home in the future.

From the birds in the trees, to the young deer that can be seen in the early morning mist that rolls across the grasslands, wildlife will be protected and nurtured. The families who move into High Oakham Park will be able to say they share their surroundings with nature.


Sustainable Living

Sustainable living

This environmental responsibility will extend to the development of the homes themselves. Whether it is the inclusion of ground source heat pumps, rainwater collection, or the use of sustainable timber, this site will become a focus for best practice.

You can’t help but notice the beautiful natural surroundings at High Oakham Park. From the carefully managed woodlands, to the sweeping parkland areas, this site is special. For that reason, it is important that the homes fit into their environment, which makes it unique from other developments.

That’s why the beautiful, stylish homes at High Oakham Park will benefit from features that not only add to the property but also are in-keeping with the environment.

These homes are about living and living well. This is inclusive of the environment.

High Oakham Park Tree Management

Maintaining the arboretum feel with effective tree management

Maintaining the woodland feel of High Oakham Park is a priority as this is a wonderful setting, with natural landscaping in a unique area.

Careful records have been made of individual trees, and exact plans have been made in consultation with experts in woodland management. These plans will see the environment efficiently managed and maintained for the future – perhaps for the first time in decades.

The ideal is to return home after a day at work, relax and spend family time in a conducive environment, this is our shared vision for High Oakham Park.